Microsoft Shows Off NuAds-Interactive TV Ads on Xbox LIVE

At the Cannes International Advertising Festival, Microsoft introduced its NUads, a new kind of experience for ads on Xbox LIVE. The NuAds features the following features,

Social advocacy. A simple voice command such as “Xbox Tweet” gives the consumer the ability to share something about a brand with their friends.

Request for information (RFI): Say “Xbox More,” and you can request additional information and/or a discount coupon to be sent directly to your email inbox.

Near me: Say “Xbox Near Me” to locate a retailer near you, and receive a text message with the location.

Schedule an event: “Xbox Schedule” sends you a calendar reminder about an upcoming show.

Vote for your favorite: With just a wave of a hand, audiences can easily convey their preferences. For example, while watching a trailer for the Green Lantern movie, there would be a prompt asking: “which is your favorite villain?” or “Do you have plans to go see this movie?” Read time voting and audience feedback has finally come to the TV!

Microsoft on its new NuAds platform,

Simply put, NUads break down the barriers between consumers and content on the TV screen. NUads make traditional linear content—like a 30 second TV spot—irresistibly interactive. For years, the industry as gone to great lengths trying to figure out how to deliver interactive TV. Until the advent of Kinect, no one really understood that the key to making TV interactive was right in front of us all along: the audience. People are inherently interactive all on their own. We just needed the technology to get out of their way.

More details at Microsoft Advertising.