Microsoft Shows Off Multi-screen Storytelling In Advertising At Cannes Festival

At Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Microsoft Advertising revealed six new, cutting edge advertising experiences built for Activision, Emirates airline, Ford, Lexus, O2 Telefonica and Microsoft itself. These are the campaigns that spans across devices and uses Microsoft’s new suite of multi-screen features like Creative Sequencing and Frequency Controls so that a brand can engage a consumer in consecutive chapters of a story as it unfolds across multiple screens. Watch the six experiences below.

The art of storytelling is as old as time itself; from the founding myths to fairy tales, stories have an innate power to capture our imagination, draw us in, and influence us. All good advertisers instinctively understand this. However, despite its fundamental importance to the industry, there has been no digital advertising solution capable of bringing together the wonder and intrigue of a story well-told with the multiple screens and devices that we use every day; games console, smartphone, tablet, PC. Until today.

As the attention of our audience becomes ever-more fragmented, we believe these campaigns represent the future of advertising; deep, immersive engagement with a consumer through a beautiful, contextual narrative woven into the ‘moments that matter’ to them. Four examples – Activision, Lexus, Microsoft and O2 Telefonica – are live multi-screen campaigns launched in the last couple of weeks. We are also sharing what we call ‘envisioning scenarios’, prototype ad experiences that we are currently developing, testing and honing with Emirates and Ford.

In the spirit of ‘show not tell’, we have developed a series of videos designed to bring the executions to life. In each example, we introduce a fictional character in order to show how each solution can engage a typical consumer in the moments that make up an average day.

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