Microsoft showcases the power of Continuum and the Universal Remote Desktop app in new video


Microsoft’s flagship feature for Windows 10 Mobile devices is the pseudo-desktop environment created by continuum on devices like the Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL, Vaio Phone and others.

However, that pseudo-desktop environment combined with the power of Microsoft’s universal app system can actually allow you to use your device like a virtual PC. Microsoft’s remote desktop app, an app that has just recently been made universal for phones and PCs (albeit in a beta form) allows users to run Windows 10 remotely on a phone. This can then be cast onto a bigger screen via Continuum, and allow you to almost literally carry your home PC around with you in your pocket.

Microsoft’s Lumia YouTube channel made a short video showing off this feature below;

YouTube player

Microsoft’s universal Windows app system may not be a perfect system for all and sundry, but it creates a perfectly workable base for users and developers to build out workflows on. Microsoft’s partners are already taking advantage of this feature and Acer for one highlighted it during the MWC trade show.

Download the Remote desktop app from the Windows store below,

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