Microsoft showcases Gears of War 4 in 4K at gamescom, reveals minimum specs

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At gamescom today, Microsoft showcased Gears of War 4 running in 4k on Windows 10 PC. Gears of War 4 is powered by a completely new rendering engine, with the Windows 10 version supporting comprehensive video settings, increased texture resolutions, dynamic resolution support up to 4K and more.

In this short gameplay demo through the “Rescue” chapter of Gears of War 4, our heroes JD, Kait and Del are chasing a large unknown enemy through an old COG fort. Along the way, they encounter two fierce Swarm enemies – Drones and Pouncers – for the first time, and have to battle their way through them before it’s too late.

They also announced the minimum, recommended and ideal specs for playing Gears of War 4 on Windows 10 PC. Check out the table below.

Gears of War 4 Specs

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