Microsoft shares more details about the Surface Dial

Microsoft’s Surface Dial has been on sale for a few months now. While only users with a Surface Studio, Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 will be abe to take full advantage of this device, the Dial works with Bluetooth enabled Windows 10 devices.

In this video below, the Microsoft Mechanics breaks down some of the design and technical decisions involved in making the Dial. Exposing the internals to curious fans, and detailing how it works on both the Surface Studio and non-Dial native devices.

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Microsoft’s Surface Dial is part of a new category of peripherals – dubbed “pucks” – that the firm created alongside the Surface Studio. Much like the Surface Pen, it is not a generally essential part of using a PC, but for certain categories of users, it can prove invaluable.

Like any other accessory, it can help change volume, quickly navigate through apps, scroll through web pages etc. Its main value is for users with an artistic inclination. With apps like Sketchable, Photoshop and Paint 3D and a Surface device, the Surface Dial helps to enhance the creative workflow.

The technology philosophy behind the Dial has been adopted by Dell with their Dell Totem accessory and will be used by more Windows 10 OEMs eventually.

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