Microsoft Shares Bing Search Trends On Denver Broncos Vs Seattle Seahawks Football Game


29, 2014

Bing Seahawks

if you are in the US, you must be looking forward to the upcoming match between Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday. Microsoft Bing team analyzed their search results to get a sense for what is on people’s minds ahead of the game. One of the interesting stat they found is that, Seattle capturing searches in 33 states and Denver capturing the remaining 17. You can see the image image to visualize this data.

From Bing blog,

As we gear up for the game, people are inevitably comparing the two quarterbacks. Let’s look at the match-up. Are you Team Manning or Team Wilson? Of the two, veteran quarterback Manning was the fan favorite capturing 72% of searches since the Division Championships. Though Seattle Seahawks fans can take heart because their namesake team received 26% more searches than the Denver Broncos.

Richard Shermangrabbed the attention of the nation, as 81% of Bing searches for him this year occurred following his passionate post-game interview after clinching the NFC Championship against the 49ers.

Marshawn Lynch’s love of skittles may have given him an edge, as he secured 52% of Bing searches compared to Broncos’ running back Knowshon Moreno.

The first deaf offensive player in the league, Seahawks’ fullback Derrick Coleman gained popularity following his unusual touchdown against the New Orleans Saints and the inspiring Duracell commercial that aired earlier this month with 82 percent of Bing searches occurring in the weeks leading up to the big game.

Source: Bing

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