Microsoft sending HoloLens purchase invitations in waves to developers


Last month, Microsoft announced the details about HoloLens Development Edition pre-order. Developers will need invite from Microsoft to purchase this device. Lots of developers were questioning about the invitation process and when will they get the development kits. Microsoft yesterday answered their questions via a forum post, read it below.

We are inviting developers to purchase in waves, as soon as devices are available. If you have applied, check for an email from us, indicating the status of your application. If your application is approved, a wave number will be provided within this status email. Each wave will ship over a period of two to three months. Timing may vary. When your wave is being served and your device is ready, we will send an email invitation to order. To secure your device, please order within a week of receiving your invitation to purchase. If you miss this window, you are still approved and can purchase, subject to device availability.

Please keep in mind, each wave will ship over a period of two to three months. Most folks who will be part of Wave 1 have not yet received their invitations to order, so do not panic.

If you have received an invitation for the current wave and are worried that you have missed an invitation to order, you can contact Microsoft here.