Microsoft sending out 5th wave of invites for HoloLens developer edition


Microsoft’s HoloLens Development Kit is now shipping to even more developers in its 5th wave according to a report via Neowin.

Earlier we reported that Microsoft has planned to ship the HoloLens orders in waves of 3-4 weeks, but Microsoft is moving much faster than anticipated. After rolling out wave 3 earlier in June, and wave 4 shortly afterwards, the arrival of the 5th wave indicates the project is moving at breakneck speeds.

Developers who are willing to shell out $3000 for the HoloLens cam get access to the new mixed reality device before the general public in order to create new app experiences and ensure their already present Windows 10 apps work as well as they can.

With Microsoft having shipped 4 waves already and starting on a 5th, one can extrapolate that the interest in HoloLens is pretty high (because Holograms).

You can learn more about HoloLens and apply for  your personal device from the source link below.

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