Microsoft Sells 1.2 Million Xbox Ones; 800,000 Xbox 360s in Q3 FY14

Microsoft released its third quarter (Q3) earnings earlier today for fiscal year 2014 (FY14). This is the first quarter under new CEO Satya Nadella. The earnings report contained a number of interesting pieces of information including how many Xbox consoles have been sold. For the quarter, Microsoft sold 2.0 million Xbox consoles. Of the 2 million, 1.2 million were Xbox Ones, and we assume the remaining 800,000 are Xbox 360 units. Transactional revenue on the Xbox was up 17%.

Sony is currently leading in the number of consoles sold. Sony recently reported they had sold over 7 million PS4s to consumers, 2 million more consoles than the Xbox One. Sony’s PS4 is currently available in over 57 markets, while the Xbox One is only available in 13. Microsoft will expand the availability of the Xbox One this fall to an additional 26 markets.

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Source: Microsoft