Microsoft seems to be working on new styles for the Surface keyboard


Earlier this month, Microsoft surprised us with the fascinating Surface Book. Now, according to Patently Mobile, the company could be working on new styles for the Surface keyboard. The site has posted a couple of pictures of the new Surface keyboards, taken from the company’s patent on the USPTO.

Microsoft seems to be working on two styles for the Surface keyboard: one with a bendable mechanism, and another with a hinged cover. The first one includes a support mechanism which could be positioned “out of the way” when it is not being used. The support mechanism could also be slid into the housing of the device, which is quite interesting, too.


The patent for the hinged cover patent isn’t too interesting, however. As you can see from the above image,  the cover includes a simple hinge which will support the device.

The patents for these two keyboards are quite neat. However, we doubt these two keyboards will see the light of the day anytime soon. Keep in mind that Microsoft filled these two patent applications in October 2014, and these two keyboards may be dead by now. Nonetheless, tell us what you think of these two keyboard styles in the comment section below.