Microsoft scare-mongering on expandable storage in Windows Phone 7

microSD cards will suck your brains!!

Microsoft has been trying to justify its stance on expandable storage on Windows phone 7 handsets, and it may be the proximity to Halloween has coloured their language a bit regarding the issue.

According to MicrosoftՉ۪s Charlie Kindel, the issue is the unreliability of microSD card, even between batches from the same manufacturer.

“Even with high end cards, we have seen wild differences in IO and performance,” he said. “There is just no standardization there.” Put simply, if you expand the storage in a compatible Windows Phone device, it may work, and it may not.

Promising doom and gloom would almost certainly descend on users foolish enough to upgrade their cards, he said:

“In most cases, users will have issues,” . “Most cards are of poor quality, and there’s no way we can control that or recommend a certain type of card. If you happen to get a good card, with the right performance and IO characteristics, it will work reliably. But even a bad card will appear to work at first, and the device will boot.”

A bad card will apparently result in “horrible, unreliable performance, slow app boot times and performance, lock-ups, and random reboots.”

When asked by Paul Thurrot how the Samsung Focus gets way with expandable storage, Microsoft claimed this was a feature requested and supported by the carrier, in this case AT&T.

“It’s not intended to be user serviceable,” he said. “The carrier does it and supports it.”

Of course the obvious question to ask is how OEMs like HTC get away with using standard microSD cards, albeit non-removable, without “horrible, unreliable performance, slow app boot times and performance, lock-ups, and random reboots” but who knows, maybe this explains the reports of HTC’s Windows Phone 7 issues.