Microsoft reveals why your Nokia Lumia 520 runs so well



Windows Phone is a certified low-end hit, with the Nokia Lumia 520 selling tens of millions of handsets in 2013.

Now Microsoft has revealed the secret to their low-end success – they develop for the low-end from the get go, and only then optimise for the high end.

Neowin reports from BUILD 2014 that Microsoft always start their development on low-end hardware, including dog-fooding these handsets, to make sure that Windows Phone works perfectly on these devices, before moving on to higher spec handsets.

Neowin notes its easier to scale up for performance than to cut down the OS and applications to work on lower-end handsets

The news should be reassuring to owners of the handsets like the Nokia Lumia 520, who are close to the majority of Windows Phones, and should mean no Windows Phone user will be left behind.

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