Microsoft reveals when it will deliver broad availability of Surface spare parts

November 11, 2022
Surface Pro 9

When Microsoft launched its first Surface PC, it was not great in terms of repairability. And it continued to remain like that until the Right to Repair legislation came into effect in the United States. Keeping the legislation in mind, Microsoft is making its latest Surface products as much repairable as possible. Recently the tech giant has revealed when it will deliver broad availability of Surface spare parts.

According to a statement given to iFixit, Microsoft has said that it is currently working with major US retailers to build its own authorized repair network. And all these repair options will be available early next year, with the delivery of broad availability of spare parts for Independent repairers and consumers happening in the first half of 2023.

In the statement, Microsoft also explained how device repair was a major focus while developing the Surface Pro 9, the company’s latest tablet-cum laptop PC. Display, SSD, Kickstand, and a host of important components are replaceable in Surface Pro 9, making it the most repairable Surface yet, at least in theory.

Microsoft will also make repair work easy for consumers with no knowledge of how to repair a computer. The Redmond giant will provide service guides for Surface Pro 9 devices containing full repair instructions. This will be available publicly for download by the end of this calendar year on the Microsoft Support site.

Microsoft is not the only major tech company abiding by the Right to Repair legislation. Other major tech companies, including Apple, Google, and Samsung, have acted to improve the repairability of their devices and provide better access to components to consumers. So, technically speaking, none of the tech companies are doing it in the consumers’ interests; they are doing it because not doing so will have consequences.

Do you repair your PC or other gadgets or do you buy a new one when they die down? Will the Right to Repair legislation have an impact on your purchasing decision? Let us know in the comments section.

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