Microsoft reveals the upcoming Office updates for the iPad Pro, iOS 9 and WatchOS 2


At the Apple event today, Microsoft (yes, Microsoft) showed off the new update for Office apps for the iPad Pro. Following the event, the company detailed the upcoming updates for Office apps for the iPad Pro, iOS 9, as well as WatchOS 2 in a blog post.

iOS 9

With iOS 9, Apple added support for (true) multitasking. With the upcoming updates for the Office apps, Microsoft will allow users to quickly use a second app. For example, if you’re editing a Powerpoint file, you can easily slide over to open OneNote and take notes.

Office updates for the iPad 2
Alongside support for multitasking, Microsoft is also adding the ability to use two apps simultaneously. In iOS 9, there’s a new feature called Spilt View where users can have two opened side-by-side and use them at the same time — with the upcoming updates, users will be able to use two Office apps simultaneously on iOS 9 which is pretty nice.

iPad Pro

For the iPad Pro, Microsoft is adding support for Inking. When the iPad Pro is available, users will be able to use the Apple Pencil to mark up documents:

Office updates for the iPad 5

Microsoft will also add a new feature called Intelligent search with the upcoming updates, which will allow users to view search results from OneNote notes, as well as emails from Outlook. Another new addition to the Office apps is support for wireless keyboard, which will allow iPad users to be more productive and get things done quickly.

Apple Watch

Microsoft will also release a new update for the Outlook and Translator apps for the Apple Watch once WatchOS 2 is available. With the upcoming updates, Outlook will be able to display important information from an email or your next appointment right on your Watch. Microsoft is also adding support for Time Travel, which will allow Watch users to turn the Digital Crown of their Apple Watch and easily check appointments in Outlook.

Office updates for the iPad 6

For Microsoft Translator, the upcoming update will be bringing the ability to listen to a recent or pinned translation through the Apple Watch’s speakers. The company is also adding an interesting feature which will display common phrases such as “goodbye” or “hello” in local languages, based on your location.

Coming soon

Microsoft states that the company will be releasing the new updates for its Office apps once the new iPad Pro, iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 are available. For those who don’t know, the iPad Pro will be released in Novemeber, while iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 are coming on Septemeber 16th.

What do you think of the upcoming updates for the Office apps for iPad Pro, iOS 9 and WatchOS 2?

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