Microsoft Reveals Project GigJam, A New Way For People To Accomplish Their Business Tasks

At WPC 2015, Microsoft revealed Project GigJam. Project GigJam is new way for people to accomplish their business tasks and transform business processes by breaking down the barriers between devices, apps and people. GigJam empowers business workers to summon information from their line of business and SaaS apps, spontaneously divvy up the specific information and actions needed to get work done, keep track of each part, and bring it all to closure immediately.

GigJam takes on the next big challenge in productivity: task work. The way it does it: allowing people to extract and share the very molecules of work itself, and involve others in completing them. GigJam is designed for the emerging workforce that is more connected, more available and more social than ever before. With GigJam, a business can expect a dramatic transformation of every process where humans have the potential to exercise discretion and work with others, colleagues as well as customers.

Watch the video above to know about GigJam. It is simple to use: you just summon the information you need, circle and cross to divvy up, and tap on people to involve them.

Whether people are face to face, or available by phone, or busy at the moment, it doesn’t matter – each will get the information and tools they need, and their work will be synchronized.

The heavy lifting is all under the covers:

  • The summoned information and associated actions come from the business’s existing applications and SaaS via REST APIs, with OAuth 1 and 2 authentication.
  • When a user divvies up and sends information to another person, it is in the spirit of screen sharing or casting, with the twist that each person can have a different view, and any field or row or even a UI affordance like a scroll button can be redacted. The recipient gets only the UI the sender intended, with information flown through a cloud proxy for the sender’s device.
  • The business’s overall process logic and security policies are thus honored.

Read more about it here.

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