Microsoft Reveals Its Five New Financial Segments After Reorganization



Microsoft Finance Segments

Microsoft announced a realignment of its organizational structure as part of its transformation to a devices and services company back in July. There are new divisions like Operating Systems group, Application and Services group, and more. But the financial reporting structure will not be same as a operating organizational structure.  Beginning in fiscal year 2014, the Microsoft will report its financial performance based on the five reportable segments described below.

Devices and Consumer

Devices and Consumer (“D&C”) develops and markets products and services designed to entertain and connect people, increase personal productivity, help people simplify tasks and make more informed decisions online, and help advertisers connect with audiences. D&C revenue is generated from three segments:

* D&C Licensing, comprising: Windows, including OEM and other non-volume licensing of the Windows operating system and related software (“Consumer Windows”); non-volume licensing of Microsoft Office for consumers (“Consumer Office”); Windows Phone, including related patent licensing; and certain other patent licensing revenue;

* D&C Hardware, comprising: the Xbox 360 gaming and entertainment console and accessories, second-party and third-party video games, and Xbox LIVE subscriptions (“Xbox Platform”); Surface; and Microsoft PC accessories; and

* D&C Other, comprising: Resale, including Windows Store, Xbox LIVE transactions, and the Windows Phone Marketplace; search advertising; display advertising; Subscription, comprising Office 365 Home Premium; Studios, comprising first-party video games; our retail stores; and certain other consumer products and services not included in the categories above.


Our Commercial segments develop and market software and services designed to increase individual, team, and organization productivity and efficiency, and to simplify everyday tasks through seamless operations across the user’s hardware and software. Our Commercial segments are:

* Commercial Licensing, comprising: server products, including Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, System Center, and Windows Embedded; volume licensing of the Windows operating system (excluding OEM and other non-volume licensing of the Windows operating system) (“Commercial Windows”); Microsoft Office for business (“Commercial Office”), including Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync; Microsoft Dynamics business solutions, excluding Dynamics CRM Online; and Skype; and

* Commercial Other, comprising: Enterprise Services, including Premier product support services and Microsoft Consulting Services; Online Services, comprising Office 365 (excluding Office 365 Home Premium), other Microsoft Office online offerings, and Dynamics CRM Online; Windows Azure; and certain other commercial products and online services not included in the categories above.

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