Microsoft Reveals An All New Way To Manage Photos On OneDrive

OneDrive Manage Photod

Microsoft today announced an all new way to manage photos on OneDrive. The updates coming over the next couple of weeks include:

  • Adding the ability for customers to curate photos from their phone, desktop and inbox quickly and simply
  • A new feature that allows you to view, manage, and share photos with Albums
  • Through a partnership with Bing, customers can now search for their files and photos in a new and exciting way!

Adding the ability for customers to curate photos from their phone, desktop and inbox quickly and simply

  1. Over the next month, OneDrive users on Windows 7 and 8 will also be able to automatically import photos from devices that they connect to their computer and easily save screenshots that they take right to OneDrive. This will make it easy to back up photos from your camera, USB stick, or external hard drive to not only your computer, but also to the cloud.
  2. These photos will be saved in a new “Camera imports” folder, and similarly, we’ll let you automatically save screenshots that you take to a new “Screenshots” folder. The screenshots will still save to your clipboard like you’re used to, but now you’ll have another copy that is easy to share and available to you from any device.
  3. And what about all of those photos in your inbox? Well, in case you missed it, earlier this month we made it possible to quickly save any attachment to OneDrive from We recognize that many people share and receive photos via email. So allowing you to just one-click save them to your OneDrive makes it easier to back up all of those photos and to find them as well.

A new feature that allows you to view, manage, and share photos with Albums

  1. There is a brand new way to view, manage, and share your photos with Albums. Unlike traditional folders, Albums let your photos stand front and center. Thumbnails are larger, photos are edge-to-edge, and everything is arranged together into a beautiful collage. When you open a photo, it now fills up the whole screen. Information details are still available, but from a pop-up menu, so now your photos stand out like they were always meant to!
  2. Albums also let you bring photos and videos together from anywhere in your OneDrive. You don’t need to copy files from other folders. That means you can easily create an album using photos from your phone in your camera roll folder, your camera in your “European Vacation 2012” folder, or from your email, with the photos you saved to your attachments folder. And even more, you can also add to your albums after they’ve been created and shared.
  3. We’ve also made sure that the people you share albums with will have a great experience. They’ll see the same beautiful Albums view that you see from their desktop, on their phone in the mobile browser, or even in our mobile apps. Albums will be coming first to the web and our iOS app today, and Android and Windows Phone are coming soon.

Search for their files and photos in a new and exciting way

  • Microsoft OneDrive team partnered closely with Bing to help OneDrive users quickly find what they’re looking for from You can now search for Office documents and PDFs by text inside of them and photos based on time, location, or text that is extracted from images themselves. You can also search for photos based on tags – both ones you manually created and ones that we’ve automatically identified.
  • From the new Tags view, you’ll be able to see your top tags – including both manually and automatically-generated ones. And what shows up today is really just the start. The database of tags will continue to grow over time, and we’re working on new and innovative ways to utilize this information to help you be more productive, find your photos more quickly, and help you make them better.
  • With the help of Bing and Microsoft Research, OneDrive can now automatically recognize content in your photos based purely on the visuals, and what that allows you to do is really amazing. Our users will have access to automatically grouped collections of photos and they can easily search for specific ones. You’ll be able to quickly find things such as “people,” “dogs,” “whiteboard,” “beach,” “sunsets,” and dozens of other terms. This makes it even easier to add your photos in to presentations for school, to relive a specific memory, or to share something important with all of your friends on Facebook.

Microsoft is also rolling out Weekend Recap emails.

Imagine that you were the photographer at a friend’s birthday party on Saturday or that you just finished a remodeling project at home over the weekend and you took a bunch of photos to capture your work. OneDrive will automatically find those photos and send a few of them to you in an email. Not only will you be able to enjoy them again on Monday, but you can quickly send them to your friends or family for them to see as well!

Source: OneDrive

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