Microsoft revamps Bing for iOS to offer better integration with other apps, new design


On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that it has updated its Bing for iOS, featuring a complete redesign and a handful of features and improvements that users would find handy. The company says that the app now has better integrations with other iOS apps — referring it as “deep-linking,” while also offering a better-looking and functional design.

Before we dive into the features you can expect in the app, the company says that it has made the app faster at showing results of your queries and it loads up the images, maps, and other things quickly as well.

The Near Me section underscores the interesting business and locations around you, while Restaurants lets you check out nearby eateries and find what’s on menu, rating the place, and place online orders.

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The Movies section is getting Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other networks support, helping you find good shows and movies. Images and Videos will let you find trending clips around the Internet that you might find funny, informative, and interesting. The company says that it has ramped up the deep-linking feature, directing you to the video of the title you have selected as opposed to only showing you the entry. The app does so by talking with your other iOS apps.

The Music section will let you listen to your favorite songs, and watch their videos as well. You can also find lyrics to your favorite songs and hum along your favorite artists and bands.

Books section will help you find new and classic titles and direct you to the sources from where you can grab yourself an ebook copy of them. There’s People section too, like before, and it lets you quickly find and research about famous personalities.

One of the main attractions of the app is the News section, which will let you find breaking and insightful developments around the topic you like. Additionally, you will find the barcode scanner in the app handy, which quickly decodes the message and does what the barcode is programmed to do.

You can find the app here. Let us know via the comments section below how you find the aforementioned features.