Microsoft responds to Apple TV by promoting Windows Embedded connected home solutions

Like every industry Apple enters, their new Apple TV is making waves, even if those so far are not very large.

Microsoft has also responded, by showing they do in fact have a product to answer the challenge –Windows Embedded Standard 7.

Windows Embedded Standard is based on Windows 7, and in the most recent revision comes with Windows Media Centre.

The video below shows how a set-top box running Windows Embedded Standard 7 can be customized by the OEM to deliver a unique experience targeted at a sports fan, but OEMs can easily personalize the look and feel of Windows Media Centre to meet their branding and naming and the needs of their target audience. It also demonstrates how such a device can play an integral role in the networked household, allowing consumers seamless access to all their content from multiple rooms in the home.

More interesting in the video than the custom Windows Standard box however was the role of the Xbox 360, which in fact is much closer in functionality to the Apple TV, but in fact can also play games.

Windows Mobile also makes a brief cameo appearance, but we hope Windows Phone 7 can play a much bigger role in the future Microsoft Connected Home, possibly as a streaming host and target and also remote control.

Read Microsoft’s press release related to the video here.