Microsoft Research’s Devices And Networking Summit 2015 Is Happening Now, Watch It Live

The Devices & Networking Summit 2015 will bring together 200 thought leaders, researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, drawn from a broad range of disciplines including computer science, engineering and design. Microsoft will discuss some of the key advances and challenges relating to the development and deployment of the next generation of devices and services. Microsoft will also highlight new application domains and interaction paradigms alongside the novel technologies needed to sustain the demands of users whilst meeting the commercial imperatives of industry.

The Wednesday webcast will explore such topics as the design of the next generation of connected devices, including a keynote address from renowned materials scientist Sir Richard Friend. And we’ll provide an in-depth look at how inexpensive, but powerful, platforms are enabling schoolchildren to build their own prototypes—and generating excitement about STEM subjects.

You’ll also get insights into developments in spectrum issues—think next-gen Wi-Fi—and learn about Mobility First, a proposed new architecture of the Internet.  Meanwhile, those of you who are concerned with security and privacy—that would be everyone, right?—will get advice from two of the leading experts in this fraught area.  And if those anxieties raise your blood pressure, you’ll take heart when you learn what’s new in the world of wearable, connected health monitors.

Interested in how the cloud plays into this realm of interconnections? We have just the keynote for you, as Microsoft Research distinguished scientist Victor Bahl envisions a future in which “cloudlets” provide seamless connections.

Watch it here live.