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Speaking at the MIT Tech Review summit, Ranveer Chandra from Microsoft Research explained how they hoped to create a smartphone with 7 day battery life without carrying a wheelbarrow of batteries around.

Their approach is a combination of new battery technology and software optimization.

The new battery would feature two smaller lithium-ion batteries instead of one large one. One would be optimized to efficiently provide a large supply of current, for example when a person is playing games on a phone. The other would be designed to trickle out smaller currents, such as when a phone is idle.

A dual battery will waste less energy by being better optimised for the current being demanded.

Chandra and colleagues have built simple prototypes that could improve battery life 20 to 50 percent, he said.

Another feature, called E-Loupe, allows a mobile operating system to identify and police apps that consume a lot of power even when a person is not actively using them. It can pause or slow the activity of a background process—for example, an app downloading a large file—to maximize battery life, says Chandra.

“You can’t just wait for the best battery technology to come along,” he says. “We can make a lot of progress because systems today don’t use battery intelligently.”

Read more at Technology Review here.


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