Microsoft Research Reveals Bing Code Search Plugin For Visual Studio, Get C# Code Snippets On-Demand

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Microsoft Research today revealed their new project called Bing Code Search: C# code snippets on-demand for visual studio developers. Bing Code Search for Visual Studio 2013 helps developers find and reuse code samples on the web more easily by bringing the code search experience directly into Visual Studio. With this extension, a developer can search sites such as MSDN, StackOverflow, CSharp411 and Dotnetperls and find, copy and use C# code samples directly inside the IDE.

You can try it yourself online at

Write your question as a special comment starting with three slashes ///. Your question may mention variables.

Press the Tab key on the same line to get answers; press Enter to insert selected snippet

This is a great tool for developers to speed up their coding process. What do you think?

via: @h0x0d