Microsoft Research announces MSR Alumni Network on LinkedIn

MSR Alumni Network

As part of the 25th Anniversary of Microsoft Research, Microsoft yesterday launched the Microsoft Research Alumni Network on LinkedIn. The group is dedicated to connecting the thousands of past MSR employees, postdoctoral researchers and interns with Microsoft. Microsoft also highlighted some of the Microsoft Research Alumni whom were part of MSR for 15 years or more and now working in leading companies: Alex Acero (169 publications at MSR, now with Apple), Jim Larus (55 publications at MSR, now with EPFL) and Andrew Blake (97 publications at MSR, now with the UK’s Alan Turing Institute).

Together, our alumni and current Microsoft researchers have published more than 20,000 papers — much of it in open collaboration with leading universities around the world. The expertise and ground-breaking work from these researchers represents a rich legacy across many areas such as machine learning, computer vision, systems, theory, quantum computing, formal methods, robotics, networking, human computer interaction, data visualization, security, privacy, cryptography and multimedia.

Microsoft will send invitations to join the group shortly to all former MSR employees. MSR alumni can request entry to the group: MSR Alumni Network.