Microsoft renames “Microsoft Messaging” to “Messaging + Skype” in latest update, Mojis still missing


Microsoft’s SMS cum pseudo-crippled-Skype-thingy app has just been updated in Windows 10 to a newer version (1.10.28004.0)

The newer version  doesn’t really add anything new, rather, what’s more interestig is the store screenshots that appear to show an even newer concept version with working attachments for pictures and other basic features expected in a messaging app in 2015.

I may sound a bit irritated and impatient, but Skype on iOS and Android have picked up several new features this week alone, while the Windows version has picked up a name change and new store screenshots. Hurrah for Microsoft support.

In the meantime, enjoy seeing a lot of this:

Download Microsoft’s Skype app from the store link below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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