Microsoft releasing new TCP features in Anniversary Update for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016


Microsoft is releasing new TCP features in the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. Microsoft recently detailed the five new features designed to reduce latency, improve loss resiliency and to promote better network citizenship. The goals when starting out were to decrease TCP connection setup time, increase TCP startup speed and to decrease time to recover from packet loss.

New features added:

  1. TCP Fast Open (TFO) for zero RTT TCP connection setup. IETF RFC 7413 [1]
  2. Initial Congestion Window 10 (ICW10) by default for faster TCP slow start [5]
  3. TCP Recent ACKnowledgment (RACK) for better loss recovery (experimental IETF draft) [4]
  4. Tail Loss Probe (TLP) for better Retransmit TimeOut response (experimental IETF draft) [3]
  5. TCP LEDBAT for background connections IETF RFC 6817 [2]

Read about these features in detail here.