Microsoft releases yet another bug-fix update for Windows 10 Build 10041


Earlier this evening, Microsoft released yet another bug-fix update for Windows 10 Build 10041. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 Build 10041 had a bug which prevented users from signing into the operating system. However, the latest update fixes this issue and users should not have any problems logging in now.

For those of you who missed it, last week, Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10041 which packed some new features, a handful of user interface improvements. Alongside new additions and improvements, Windows 10 Build 10041 also comes with performance improvements – for example, Cortana is way faster on Build 10041. However, it’s worth noting that Build 10041 breaks Mail, People and Calendar apps which you can fix by following this guide.

The latest update should now be available to Windows Insiders using Build 10041. If you’ve noticed any other bug on Build 10041, make sure to inform Microsoft about it by submitting a feedback using the Windows Feedback app.

Via: Gabe Aul (Twitter)

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