Microsoft Releases Windows App Studio Beta, Allows You To Create Windows Store Apps In Minutes With No Code

Windows App Studio

Microsoft launched Windows Phone App Studio Beta eight months ago and since then over 400,000 people have made use of it. Lots of novice developers have built and published their first Windows Phone app with ease. But it didn’t allow you to develop apps for Windows Store targeting PCs and tablets.

Microsoft yesterday relaunched the tool as Windows App Studio Beta with which now you can build a universal Windows app project that results in an app for Windows Phone and Windows, all in a single session. Read how to create an app in minutes here.

f you are planning to publish to the Store, you’ll first need to register for a Dev Center account ($19 USD annual registration fee). You will need to reserve a name for your app—just go to Dev Center to reserve the App Name, and then place the App Identity, App Display Name, Publisher ID, and Publisher Name (as it appears in Dev Center) in your App Studio project. This places the necessary data in your app manifest, which is needed for app submission. We have added support for this directly on the Publish Info page in App Studio.

Try out Windows App Studio Beta today.