Microsoft Releases Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 10166


Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 SDK Preview(Build 10166). This new Preview SDK Build 10166 contains bug fixes and changes to the API surface area.

What’s New in SDK 10166
This release contains other bug fixes and improvements. In addition, updates to:

  • Windows.ApplicationModel.Email
    • Additional getter properties added

Known issues
If you haven’t upgraded the SDK from 10069/10074, this issue will affect you. This MSDN forum entry has more information:

When installing the Windows SDK 10 version 10166, an error that AppVerifier did not install correctly and setup rolls back OR When trying to uninstall Windows SDK 10 version 10069, an error that the AppVerifier package failed to uninstall.

  1. Download  file to your PC.
  2. Extract the contents to a known location.  Example: C:temp
  3. From an Administrative command prompt, run c:tempInstallAppVerifierBinary.cmd
  4. Once complete you should be able to install or uninstall the AppVerifier binaries.

You can download it from the Windows 10 Developer Tools page.

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