Microsoft releases Windows 10 Anniversary Update build 14393 to the slow ring


20, 2016


Microsoft is now releasing Windows 10 Anniversary Update (build 14393) to the slow ring for Windows Insiders. This update, believed to be the version Microsoft will ship to consumers on August 2 (i.e RTM). I’ve been running this on my Surface since it hit the fast ring and in my experience, it has been smooth, crash free, and generally behaves just like you’d expect an RTM build to on a daily driver PC.

Here’s what Microsoft’s fixed for both PC and Mobile devices:

  • We have improved the reliability of Start, Cortana, and Action Center.
  • You should now be able to mount iPods as USB mass-storage devices.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in rapid battery drain when Visual Voicemail syncs voicemail messages on Dual SIM devices like the Lumia 950 XL.
  • We also fixed an issue causing some battery drain on older devices like the Lumia 535, 640, 735, 830, 930 and Icon.
  • We fixed the issue causing Voice Recorder to not show up consistently as an option for Call Recording. An app update was released last Friday that fixes this issue. Make sure you have the app version 10.1607.1931.0.
  • We fixed several issues impacting Dual SIM capabilities. Using a device with two SIMs should work as it should.

For PC users, there isn’t anything to worry about in this build of note – while Surface users has a BSOD issue originally, Microsoft’s taken care of that with a quick fix update.

For mobile users, here are some of the pitfalls Microsoft highlights:

If you’re a Windows Insider on the release ring, now’s the time to get on the slow ring. It won’t get much better than this for a while. For an hour or so of your time, you gain extension support, access to newer Microsoft apps, and backend improvements to Windows 10 reliability. Sure it’s still a “preview” at this point, but seeing as it is much likely the same thing you’d get in 2 weeks – there’s no harm in opening your presents a bit earlier,

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