Microsoft Releases Preview Of Azure DocumentDB, A NoSQL Document Database-as-a-Service

Microsoft today announced previews of new Azure DocumentDB, a fully-managed transactional NoSQL document database-as-a-service and Azure Search, which enables developers to easily add search capabilities to mobile and cloud applications. They also announced the general availability of Azure HDInsight, our Hadoop-based solution for the cloud, now supports Apache HBase clusters.

Azure DocumentDB is the main announcement here. It’s a NoSQL document database-as-a-service that provides the benefits of a NoSQL document database but also adds the query processing and transaction semantics common to relational database systems.

Built for the cloud, Azure DocumentDB natively supports JSON documents enabling easy object mapping and iteration of data models for application development. Azure DocumentDB offers programming libraries for several popular languages and platforms, including.Net, Node.js, JavaScript, and Python. We will be contributing the client libraries to the open source community, so they can incorporate improvements into the versions published on

Second new thing announced today is Azure Search. Azure Search is a fully-managed search-as-a-service that customers can use to integrate complete search experiences into applications and connect search results to business objectives through fine-tuned, ranking profiles.

With Azure Search developers can easily provision a search service, quickly create and tune one or more indexes, upload data to be indexed and start issuing searches. The service offers a simple API that’s usable from any platform or development environment and makes it easy to integrate search into new or existing applications. With Azure Search, developers can use the Azure portal or management APIs to increase or decrease capacity in terms of queries per second and document count as load changes, delivering a more cost effective solution for search scenarios.

Read more at Microsoft’s blog.