Microsoft releases a Skype Room Remote app for businesses


11, 2015


We previously wrote about Microsoft announcing a Skype Rooms systems for Skype for business earlier this year in March. Now, the company has quietly launched its Skype Rooms Remote app in the Windows Phone store after a brief preview period. This app allows you to control your Room sessions with just your Windows Phone including changing the volume, adding members to your sessions and similar things.

The app requires you to have both a Polycom RoundTable100 for the Skype Room Experience and quite obviously a Skype room account. Without either, you won’t get very far.

Nonetheless, if you’re curious, feel free to check out the app from its store listing below.

Skype Room Remote app for Polycom RoundTable 100 for Skype for Business. Use this app to control online meetings on the Polycom RoundTable 100 for Skype for Business meeting device. Sign in with your Office 365 credentials, join the Skype Meeting, and start collaborating with remote participants in seconds

Skype Room Remote
Skype Room Remote
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