Microsoft Releases Preview Version Of “Catan Anytime” Game On The Web


24, 2014

Catan Anytime IE

Microsoft today released a preview version of “Catan Anytime,” a new social version of the beloved board game “The Settlers of Catan,” is available for free. This is game is developed to promote Internet Explorer, so it works in any modern browser with best experience on IE. Catan Anytime game developed to be fast, fluid and designed for touch making it easy to play the game from mobile browser to your TV screen with IE on XBOX.

Catan Anytime is a partnership with creators of Catan, Mayfair Games and Bontom Games. This preview release features the latest HTML5 web standards and real-time in-game social interaction. As part of the ongoing collaboration, we will be releasing the complete Catan ruleset: Development cards, Achievements, and Ports at GamesCon in August. This brings Catan Anytime to full parity in game rules with the board game.  We hope that the parity in rules, combined with the unique capabilities of asynchronous gaming and auto trading will attract Catan fans old and new alike! This web experience joins our collection of Rethink experiences such as Assassin’s Creed Pirates and 22Tracks – helping push the limits of what’s possible on the modern, interoperable web.

This game is also integrated with in-built chat and access to Skype and Twitter. Using the in-game chat feature you can send messages, or start a group call on Skype as you play. You can also broadcast your thoughts to Twitter directly from the chat box.

Read more about it here.

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