Microsoft Releases New Update For Windows 10 Build 9879 That Prepares Your System For Upcoming FBL_AWESOME Build

Microsoft today confirmed that they are releasing another update for Windows 10 Build 9879 which prepares your system for the upcoming FBL_AWESOME branch builds in January. You can download and install this update through Windows Update.

Microsoft didn’t release a new build this month because they’ve been very hard at work putting together a great build for us that includes a bunch of new features and improvements. They are really focused on making the next build something that they hope we’ll think is awesome. Tune-in to the live webcast on January 21st.

Gabriel Aul from Microsoft commented the following on the upcoming Windows 10 Build,

I’m itching to tell you more about stuff that’s coming. You’ll see some big things, lots of small improvements, and I hope there will be something for each of you to point to and know your influence was felt and appreciated by us. I’m confident that the next build we release will be an exciting one and will show how Windows 10 is evolving with your input.I wish all of you Happy Holidays and extend my best wishes for you in the New Year. We look forward to showing you more of what we’re working on in Windows 10 in 2015! See you next year!

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