Microsoft releases new update for Store, Get Office and other apps for Windows 10

Screenshot (110)

Microsoft has released another set of updates for the Windows 10 core apps. The company released new updates for the Get Office app, 3D Builder, Mail and Outlook, and Store apps for Windows 10. Here is what’s news:

  • Get Office app has a new design (screenshot)
  • 3D Builder – UI improvements
  • Mail and Outlook – presumably bug fixes
  • OneNote – presumably bug fixes
  • Store – presumably bug fixes

As Microsoft is getting closer to the release of Windows 10, the company will be releasing very small updates for apps for apps. The company released new updates for some of the core Windows 10 apps just yesterday as well.

If you want to get the latest update for the apps, just head over to the Stores’s download section and check for updates to install the app. Keep in mind that if you have automatic app updates enabled, you will have the latest updates installed automatically.

Thanks, Mohammad for the tip!