Microsoft’s StaffHub service hits general availability

Microsoft’s StaffHub app for iOS and Android is finally coming out of preview today. The service, which was previously unveiled in September last year, is one of Microsoft’s many tools for business users to manage their staff and streamline professional workflows.

It is available for the three major development platforms: Android, iOS and the web, and can be enabled for Office 365 devices on Office 365 K1, E1, E3 and E5 plans.

The app has three major functions highlighted.

The first is schedule management. Staff managers can manage shifts remotely for staff members via the app, allowing all the workers to see who’s working when and for how long, and giving them the ability to swap shifts with other workers.

StaffHub is also useful for information dissemination. With StaffHub, managers can send importantly and time sensitive information to team members quickly and efficiently. Microsoft highlights the example of a business needing to alert the relevant staff about a floor spill, or the arrival of an importance general manager.

Finally, StaffHub offers multi -service compatibility with other tools which staff managers may already use to manage their workers- with the Kronos Workforce Central Platform highlighted as one of these systems.

The app is available on the web at Staffhub.MS and on iOS and Android via the App Store and Play Store respectively.

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