Microsoft has released a new Office Build for Office Insiders on Windows. The new Build 12410.20000 has introduced a couple of new features to Outlook. Aside from that, it brings plenty of bug fixes. You can read the official changelog below.


Feature updates


  • Drag email to a group you own: Move and copy messages and conversations by dragging them from your inbox. Messages you drag will be shared with all group members.

Resolved issues


  • Executing a union query that references linked ODBC table(s) and contains an Order By clause crashes 64 bit Access.
  • Summing of data from union queries in Access (O365) may result in truncation of decimal data.
  • COM Interfaces for ACE are not exposed for use outside of Office applications.


  • Inserting a 3D model (animated or static) and trying to ‘Save as Picture’ doesn’t work.
  • The shortkey (Alt+Ctrl + 7/8) to launch feedback from backstage is in conflict with AZERTY keyboards (Alt-Gr + 7/8). Impact: users may not be able to use some characters such as: ”.


  • Addresses an issue that caused email to be sent to the wrong address for the recipient.
  • Addresses an issue that caused Outlook to incorrectly allow users with “read” access to a mailbox to change the read/unread state of a message.
  • The revocation of the security certificate on the web site is not re-producible by Product Support. Logging needs to be added to help root cause the issue.
  • Addresses an issue that caused users to see synchronization failures.


  • Inserting a 3D model (animated or static) and trying to ‘Save as Picture’ doesn’t work.


  • Task work is not calculated in Summary roll-up for manually scheduled child tasks.
  • Project VBA Code invoked from a Ribbon button may not work when trying to save server-based Projects.
  • Unless Project is already running, opening Project files from a SharePoint document library displays an error and the file will not open.


  • Saving existing files may not work.
  • Using arrow keys in the Spelling and Grammar editor window may result in intermittent flickering.
  • When resolving a follow-up, associated comments may not convert to point comments.
  • Inserting a 3D model (animated or static) and trying to ‘Save as Picture’ doesn’t work.

Office Suite

  • Fixed an issue where Office update messages appear in a different language than expected. Going forward, Office update messages will correctly match the Windows display language.

To update to the latest Office Insider Preview Build, open any Office program and go to File> Account> Update Options> Update Now.