Microsoft Releases MapStalt App For Windows Phones


Microsoft has today released an app for Windows Phone called MapStalt. The application will allow users to add/edit business details, address,etc. in Open Street Maps. I don’t know why Microsoft used Open Street Maps database  instead of Bing Maps. Anyway, more accurate data is a win for both consumers and Microsoft.

App Description:

MapStalt is an application that is meant to bring the map to completeness. In the case of the open street map, many details are missing, and MapStalt puts to power to complete the map into the hands of the mobile user.
With MapStalt, a user can add something as simple as a building address and latitude/longitude or complex details such as business hours of operation. Whenever a user uses the map to find an address or a business and finds that something is missing, MapStalt is the answer. Points and addresses entered into the MapStalt app update the Open Street Maps database immediately.

Get the free app here.