Microsoft releases Lunchbox virtual coffee machine app for WP7


Microsoft has released a meet-up tool for users in large companies for semi-spontaneous meetups.

The app called Lunchbox adds some real-world interaction back into the increasingly virtualized world, which reduced face-time in the office, less chance of spontaneous coffee-machine encounters that spark ideas and the increasing tendency to communicate only on a targeted/as-needed basis. Lunchbox is a small countermeasure to add back some spontaneous connection. It’s a virtual coffee machine, facilitating chance encounters without any pretext beyond working in the same company or sharing the same interest. Have coffee right here and now, or plan a meal sometime in the next day.

Conceived to increase connection in large companies and organizations, Lunchbox works for everyone. It uses the concept of user-definable “universes” to find matches for you… create a universe for your company or any other group of people you want to meet up with on the fly.

The app is free, and can be downloaded from Microsoft here.