Microsoft releases Facebook SDK for Windows Phone app development


16, 2015


If you’re a Windows Phone app developer and planning to create an app for Facebook, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft has recently released the SDK (software development kit) for Facebook. With the Facebook SDK, you’ll be able to create Windows Phone apps that integrate with Facebook’s different features such as Facebook Login, like, etc. Here are some features of the SDK:

  • Authorization
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Login Button
    • Profile Picture control
  • Dialogs
    • Feed dialog
    • Request dialog
  • Graph
    • Custom Stories
    • Post to user’s feed
    • Upload Photo
    • Like a Page/Object

The SDK will also allow you to create apps for Windows 10, as well as Windows 8.1 As you can see on the above feature list, the SDK packs quite a lot of features. Microsoft has released the SDK on GitHub, allowing developers to grab the SDK to develop apps that integrate with Facebook easily. If you’re a developer, head over to GitHub to grab it and don’t forget to tell us what you think of the SDK in the comment section below!

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