Microsoft releases Edge 83 beta with extensions sync and new Collections features

Microsoft today announced the release of Edge 83 into Beta channel. This Version 83.0.478.13 update comes with extensions sync, more customizations for the PDF pen tool, line focus in Immersive Reader, and the ability to add multiple tabs to a new collection features. This release also includes the edge://surf game. To play this game, you need to disconnect your device from the internet and try to load a webpage. There’s now a button implemented on the error page so you can play the Surf game.

Updated Collections feature:

You can now quickly save all your tabs and reopen them using Collections. To save your tabs to a collection, simply right-click on a tab and select Add all tabs to a new collection. Tabs in your active window will be added to a new collection with the option to rename it. To reopen those tabs, right-click on the collection and select either to open the items in the current window, a new window, or an InPrivate window.

Extensions Sync:

You can now sync your extensions across all of your devices!* Extensions from both the Microsoft and Chrome Stores will sync with Microsoft Edge. If you navigate to the ellipses menu, select Settings and then navigate to your Sync options, you should see the option for Extensions sync now available to use.

Selection-based Reading View:

While on a webpage, highlight the content that you want to read in Immersive Reader, right-click to bring up the context menu, and select Open in Immersive Reader. The content will appear in Immersive Reader in a clutter-free manner. Additionally, you can use all of our reading and learning tools on this content, like Read Aloud and Line Focus.

You can update to the latest Edge 83 beta to enjoy these new features.