Microsoft releases Digital Civility Index report


7, 2017

Last year, Microsoft conducted a study in 14 countries to measure the attitudes and perceptions of teens (ages 13-17) and adults (ages 18-74) about the state of digital civility today. They also measured survey respondents’ lifetime exposure to 17 online risks across four categories: behavioral, reputational, sexual and personal/intrusive. As per this Digital Civility Index report, two out of three respondents said they had fallen victim to at least one risk. Unwanted contact, being treated mean, trolling, receiving unwanted sexts, online harassment are the top five risks online as per the report.

Microsoft is also announcing Digital Civility Challenge. They are encouraging individuals to:

  1. Live the Golden Rule by acting with empathy, compassion and kindness in every interaction, and treating everyone they connect with online with dignity and respect.
  2. Respect differences and honor diverse perspectives, and when disagreements surface to engage thoughtfully, and avoid name-calling and personal attacks.
  3. Pause before replying to things people disagree with, and not posting or sending anything that could hurt someone else, damage reputations or threaten people’s safety.
  4. Stand up for myself and others by supporting those who are targets of online abuse or cruelty, reporting activity that threatens anyone’s safety, and preserving evidence of inappropriate or unsafe behavior.

Read more about it here and check out the Digital Civility Index infographic here.

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