Microsoft Releases Bing Maps iOS SDK

Microsoft today announced the release of Bing Maps iOS SDK. The new SDK allows developers to use Bing maps in their applications in various ways. From Bing blog,

Today, we’re excited to announce a new Bing Maps iOS SDK. This new SDK gives developers a set of Objective C classes to develop iPhone and iPad applications within Xcode, along with documentation and several sample projects to help them get started quickly. The iOS map control supports Bing’s road, aerial and hybrid aerial map styles, and includes the ability to add pushpins to the maps and access the user’s location via the GPS to locate the phone on the map.

Bing team at Microsoft is ready to deliver the Bing experiences to literally all the platform in the world. With Partnership of Nokia-Microsoft, RIM-Microsoft, awesome Bing apps for iOS and fully integrated Bing on Windows Phone, The Mobile Search War has just begun..