Microsoft releases updated Band SDK for Microsoft Band 2


Last month, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Band 2 which is now available in the United States. Following the official launch, Microsoft today published a new article detailing the new features in the updated Band SDK for the Band 2. Alongside the Band SDK, Microsoft has also detailed the new updates for Microsoft Band Web Tiles.

Here’s what’s new in the updated Band SDK for the Band 2:

  • Five new sensor-based subscriptions for Microsoft Band 2: In addition to nine sensor-based subscriptions exposed for both Microsoft Band and Microsoft Band 2, the updated SDK exposes five additional subscriptions that are only available for Microsoft Band 2: galvanic skin response (electrical conductivity of the skin in kohms), barometer, altimeter, RR interval (time between heart beat peaks), and ambient light.
  • Creation of PDF 417 barcodes with alpha/numeric data on Microsoft Band 2: The previous SDK supported only 0-9 digits. The updated SDK extends support for more ASCII characters. For details, see the Microsoft Band SDK documentation.
  • Increased the icon limits for tile

The Band 2 also introduces some improvements for the Web Tiles, which are listed below:

  • Creates simple conditions that trigger sending notification to web tiles: You can now make web tiles more informative for your users by sending notifications to the band whenever the web data meets predefined conditions. Want a weather web tile that notifies you when there’s a high chance of rain? You can create one now.
  • Extracts data from a web service that requires basic HTTP authentication: Until now, web tiles supported only publicly available web content. With the new update, web tiles can now support authenticated resources, opening up the opportunity to make the web content more secure and personalized.

As you may expect, the development kit and documentation is available for free, and you can check them out here.