Microsoft release PowerToys v0.51.1 with stability fixes

Five days ago Microsoft today announced the release of v0.51.0 which introduces some new things regarding Microsoft’s mouse utilities. First Microsoft is added in a presentation mode helper to highlight your mouse when you click. Microsoft also added additional settings toward Find my mouse to enable more customization.

Microsoft has also been focusing work on “Always on Top” system to help make any window you want to be the topmost.

Unfortunately, that release had some stability issues, leading Microsoft to release a minor update, PowerToys v0.5.1.1 which fixes the following issues:

PowerToys v0.51.0 was of course quite a but release with the following changelog.

Change log

Things to note

PowerToys Awake

Color Picker


Image Resizer

Mouse utilities


PowerToys Run

Shortcut Guide


Video Conference Mute

Prototype work

You can download the latest version from GitHub here.

via Neowin

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