Microsoft release fixes for issues caused by the July 2018 Windows Update

Microsoft has rolled out new Windows Update patches to fix the issues caused by the July update. The previous update broke a couple of app including Exchange, Lync and Skype.

The issue was caused by .NET Framework (CVE-2018-8202, CVE-2018-8260, CVE-2018-8284 and CVE-2018-8356) vulnerabilities. Microsoft has now released alternative packages to patch the vulnerabilities. Apart from this, there were reports of issues with the latest updates for the Specter and Meltdown attacks and the Lazy FP State Restore attack. Microsoft has released the alternative packages to fix those issues as well.

All the new updates are available through Windows Update Catalog or through Windows Update. Microsoft recommends users to install the new updates as soon as possible. However, if you didn’t install the July update then it is okay for you to skip the new update. That said, it’s always better to keep the PC up-to-date.