Microsoft Refreshes “Transition To The Office Ribbon Page”


17, 2011

Microsoft today refreshed its Transition to Office Ribbon website with more resources to help its consumers. Microsoft once again reaffirmed that the ribbon is here to stay because they know it works. Microsoft cited the following reasons for creating this new portal,

  • We want to address the learning curve by showcasing our (vast) contentinventory aimed at helping customers find things in the new interface (the ribbon).
  • We want to provide better organization of all that content we have (training, keyboard commands, reference guides, how to customize the ribbon, etc.) so that you can learn the way you want to learn.
  • We want to provide resources for beginners, for intermediate users (people just starting to “get it”), for experts, and for trainers.
  • Apart from Office 2010 and Office 2007 products, various Microsoft products like Windows Live Essentials is now with ribbon UI. Its important to note that Microsoft have even decided to drop the Menu based UI in its upcoming version of Windows codenamed Windows 8. You can find the new ribbon UI in Windows 8 demos.

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