Microsoft Rebrands Connects Community Program As “Lumia Voices”

Lumia Voices

Connects is a community program originally started by Nokia nine years ago. Through this program, Connects team was reaching out to fans and influencers to ask whether they’d like to trial some latest devices. In the recent years, Connects has become much more than just a device trial program. It has become a platform to celebrate the Lumia community in a myriad of wonderful ways. From providing a voice and showcasing your expertise on their channels to hosting events, which bring people together in the real world. They are rebranding Connects as “Lumia Voices”.

“We really wanted a name that stood for what the program is truly about, which is the voice and spirit of our community. For us the program is about getting the devices into the hands of people who have stories to tell, and supporting those stories through the technology we can provide.”

This is just a name change. The program will run as it is, but will only get bigger and better.

Source: Microsoft