Microsoft re-affirms its commitment to the UK, data centre expansion plans are still on track


24, 2017

Yesterday, we reported a story about Microsoft’s data center expansion plans in the UK based on the comments from a Microsoft employee. Microsoft today sent a note to us saying that the comments by the Microsoft employee were not reflective of the company’s view. They have clearly mentioned that their commitment to the UK is unchanged. In particular, those customers in Microsoft’s UK data centres should continue to rely on Microsoft’s significant investment plans there.

Microsoft highlighted that they have more than 5,000 highly qualified people working in fields including support, marketing, gaming, communications, cybersecurity and computer science research in the UK. Also, they have built a global centre of excellence for the development of artificial intelligence and other computing disciplines. Most recently they launched HoloLens in the UK and established a research group in Cambridge to support its evolution. I think Microsoft’s customers in the UK should feel relieved hearing this news.

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