Microsoft Q4 FY19 Earnings: Office 365 commercial seats grow 23%

by Anmol
July 18, 2019
Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft today announced Q4 FY19 earnings results with a revenue of $33.7 billion and operating income of $12.4 billion. Microsoft reported that Office commercial products and cloud services revenue increased 14% (up 16% in constant currency) mainly driven by strong Office 365 commercial revenue growth of 31% (up 34% in constant currency).

The number of Office 365 Commercial seats grew 23%, and in addition, Microsoft was also earning more revenue per user.

In terms of perpetual licenses, Office Commercial product revenue declined 17% (15% in CC) as more consumers shift to cloud offerings.

On the consumer side, Office revenue grew 6% (up 8% in CC) and the total Office 365 consumer subscribers have reached 34.8 million. Microsoft notes that the company benefited from recurring subscription revenue and transactional strength in Japan.

Microsoft also mentioned that LinkedIn’s revenue grew 25% (up 28%) with momentum across all business lines.  Microsoft notes that LinkedIn sessions grew 22% with record levels of engagement and job postings.

Dynamics 365 revenue grew 45% (up 48% in constant currency), while the whole Dynamics product and cloud service revenue growing 12% (15% CC) as more consumers shift to subscription offerings.

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