Microsoft Q4 2017 Earnings: Search Business grow 10% due to multiple positive factors


20, 2017

Microsoft’s search business is no longer simply a loss leader and has been taking real market share, both in USA and around the world.

For this quarter the search business has seen positive growth of 10% YoY (11% in constant currency). This is 2% higher than the 8% growth of last quarter, suggesting positive momentum for the division.

This has been due to both a greater volume of searches and also increased revenue per search, suggesting smart advertisers are finally seeing the value to a relatively untapped and more well off than average market of consumers.

Microsoft has previously said that Bing-using households generally had higher incomes and that more Bing users clicked on ads that from other search engines, both of course which is good news for advertisers.

The company reported a total revenue of $24.7 billion non-GAAPP.

You can find the full report here. 

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